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Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl
Material Girl


Material Girl

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Material Girl: Fizzy Pop Madonna Portrait, Square Edition

Continuing my experimentation with new digital media and painting. The artwork is painted with a digital brush which can achieve effects impossible by traditional means. I am calling this my 'Fizzy POP' series.**

This particular artwork uses a brush 'loaded' with paint spots where the parameters (chosen by the artist) are altered to create different splatter effects. All the spots are perfectly symmetrical but are painted in such a way as to give the impression of depth or perspective.

Surreal Pop stylised portrait - Made from thousands of hand-painted spots. New Media - Seurat and Signac inspired Pop Pointillism Painting with a nod to the spot paintings from Damien Hirst's Studio. 

Portrait of Madge: New Fizzy POP, Sugar DADA series of artworks. Check out the close-up details for a better idea of the final image. The image contains various different angles and views, creating a surreal abstracted, dotty, spot painting composition.

  • Type: Fine-Art Print
  • Medium: Giclée
  • Materials: 100% Cotton Hahnemühle Photorag
  • Size 1: 12"x12", Edition of 100
  • Size 2: 16"x16", Edition of 100
  • Size 3: 20"x20", Edition of 100
  • Size 4: 23.4"x26.5", Large Gallery Edition of 20*
  • Size 5: 30"x30", XL Special Gallery Edition of 6
  • Image at approx. 85% paper size
  • This artwork is sold unframed
  • Limited Editions Include Certificates of Authenticity

Large Artwork will be shipped rolled in a secure tube.

NB: Sizes 1,2 & 3 are Digital Limited Editions, Sizes 4 & 5 are Gallery Editions

* Large Gallery Edition (Size 4) - Image size approx 20x20 inches

Original Artwork: Czar Catstick and The Emperor's New Clothes Collective via BFA Gallery.

printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag

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**Extremely flattered to be included in the Saatchi Blog 'Art We Love' A Few Painting Techniques Artists Use Explained: Link HERE

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