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STEVE KALINDA: 'Fill Me With Beauty'

  • 63.5cm x 63.5cm, 25inches x 25inches
  • Limited Edition of only 10, C-Type, Matt

Steve Kalinda is a creative director based in London. Originally from Rwanda, Steve’s interest in video, photography and art began in his teenage years. He has a keen eye for the world of fashion design, music and art. 

Constantly challenging and reinventing himself, his work is the story of his progress as a self taught artist and it consists of Steve's personal style, lifestyle, travel and his work. A fusion between whimsical graphics, photography and film.

All the artworks are sold as limited editions to preserve the value of each piece and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Buy early for a low edition number!

More information: STEVE KALINDA

Originally from Rwanda, Steve studied Film & Philosophy in Uni. His work lead him to studying Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide. “I wanted to understand why and how 1 Million people could be killed in 100 Days. After I read books and watched documentaries about it, I became obsessed with the images and the tragic stories. I remember whenever I saw a skull i would completely associate it to the genocide, but i was not in Rwanda in 1994, i only went there in 1998. But this feeling of horror and death, made me think of the victims and what they must have gone through. I decided to master Photoshop, in order to allow me to create images with skulls that were bold and beautiful. It is my hope that if a victim of the genocide in Rwanda were to see it, it can help dissociating the memories and images they have of skulls from the genocide, show them something different.”
Steve Kalinda, London 2018

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