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Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)
Space Oddotty (2019)



Space Oddotty (2019)

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Space Oddotty: Fizzy Pop Bowie Portrait, Square Edition, 2019

Continuing my experimentation with new digital media and painting. The artwork is painted with a digital brush which can achieve effects impossible by traditional means. I am calling this my 'Fizzy POP' series.**

This particular artwork uses a brush 'loaded' with paint spots where the parameters (chosen by the artist) are altered to create different splatter effects. All the spots are perfectly symmetrical but are painted in such a way as to give the impression of depth or perspective.

Surreal Pop stylised portrait - Made from thousands of hand-painted spots. New Media - Seurat and Signac inspired Pop Pointillism Painting with a nod to the spot paintings from Damien Hirst's Studio. 

Portrait of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust: New Fizzy POP, Sugar DADA series of artworks. Check out the close-up details for a better idea of the final image.

  • Type: Fine-Art Print
  • Medium: Giclée
  • Materials: 100% Cotton Hahnemühle Photorag
  • Size 1: 12"x12", Edition of 100
  • Size 2: 16"x16", Edition of 100
  • Size 3: 20"x20", Edition of 100
  • Size 4: 23.4"x26.5", Large Gallery Edition of 20*
  • Size 5: 30"x30", XL Special Gallery Edition of 6
  • Image at approx. 85% paper size
  • This artwork is sold unframed
  • Limited Editions Include Certificates of Authenticity

Large Artwork will be shipped rolled in a secure tube.

NB: Sizes 1,2 & 3 are Digital Limited Editions, Sizes 4 & 5 are Gallery Editions

* Large Gallery Edition (Size 4) - Image size approx 20x20 inches

Original Artwork: Czar Catstick and The Emperor's New Clothes Collective via BFA Gallery.

printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag

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**Extremely flattered to be included in the Saatchi Blog 'Art We Love' A Few Painting Techniques Artists Use Explained: Link HERE

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